Norton 22.17 for Windows is now available!

Norton Security update is now available via LiveUpdate. As with our previous updates, this version is being released in a phased manner. This update is available in all supported languages. To download it, simply run LiveUpdate through Norton user interface.

This update is available for the following Norton products:

  • Norton Security
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Norton 360
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Norton Security Online

To verify you have the update for Norton Security, launch the Main User Interface, click on Help, and select About.

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Norton Password Manager 6.3 for iOS has been released!

Norton Password Manager 6.3 is released for iOS users. This release  is being done in a phased manner.

Some Frequently Asked questions:

1. What is the version number of this build?

Norton Password Manager 6.3.44 for iOS

2. How can I receive this update?

You can receive the update through Auto Update or by visiting the App Store.

Go to Settings -> Help -> About to verify if you have received the update. Or visit the App Store (link is external) to download directly. Continue reading “Norton Password Manager 6.3 for iOS has been released!”

Norton Antivirus Basic review By Techradar

norton antivirus basic
Sourced: Official website

We are talking the modern Norton AntiVirus Basic. It is mostly about the fundamentals. It boasts detection of known threats, intelligent behaviour monitoring and an excellent file reputation service to spot new dangers, and one of the best antiphishing filters you’ll find anywhere.

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Petya Ransomware and Its Infection

Petya Ransomware is a vicious form of the virus that locks a computer’s hard drive as well as individual data files stored on it. And we are seeing that the widespread attack affected global and national organisations including the Ukranian National Bank, British advertising firm WPP and logistics company Maersk.

What is Petya?

Petya is more than typical Ransomware or we can say that it’s upgraded version of WannaCry.
It has been in existence since 2016. Ransomware only encrypt the data files but Petya ransomware doesn’t just encrypt files, it also overwrites and encrypts the master boot record (MBR).

You can see in this image how the hackers demanding $300 bitcoins to recover affected files from Petya Ransomware.

Petya Ransomware
Credit: Setupactivate

How does Petya spread and infect computers?

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Norton Security Premium released with added protection and performance features

Norton by Symantec has discharged the most recent elements of Norton Security Premium in New Zealand and Australia, boosting its insurance and execution levels for customers. Norton Security Premium furnishes clients with its best security assurance in one membership benefit over different stages, including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

“Norton by Symantec specialists are on the cutting edges of cybersecurity, building advances that are always dissecting new dangers and concocting better approaches to secure customers and their gadgets,” said Mark Gorrie, Director, Norton Business Unit, Pacific area, Symantec. “With the developing recurrence of cyberattacks on all stages, purchasers require the far reaching multi-stage assurance offered by Norton Security Premium.”

Norton Security Premium uses progressed, multi-layered security innovation to ensure gadgets, protection and individual records, for example, money related data from today’s most hazardous rising dangers, including ransomware, malignant sites, zero days and phishing assaults.

A portion of the as of late included assurance and execution components of Norton Security Premium include:

  • Proactive Exploit Prevention: Zero-day vulnerabilities (which were up 125 percent in 2015), are holes in software applications that are unknown by the software vendor. Norton Security Premium’s Proactive Exploit Prevention technology helps protect the holes in common software applications by recognising a range of malicious behaviors that are trademarks of zero-day attacks. One of the benefits of this approach is that it provides protection against a wide variety of exploit attacks during the critical window when vulnerable software is deployed until the point that a software patch is installed – a process that can take weeks or months.
  • Emulation Technology: In their attempts to bypass traditional security software, cybercriminals often hide their malicious code in innocuous-looking files. Norton Security Premium’s newly developed emulation technology hunts down antivirus-evading malware before it can compromise a user’s system. It does this by unpacking and running the suspicious files in a virtual machine for examination before the malware in these files can compromise the user’s machine. With 83 percent of all malware currently employing anti-virus evading techniques, Norton Security Premium’s newly developed emulation technology is an important advancement in protecting consumers.
  • Predictive Machine Learning Engine: Traditional antivirus solutions often rely on signatures of known malware to protect consumers. Criminals know this, and as a result, develop automated ways to deliver variations of malware designed to evade the signatures. The Predictive Machine Learning Engine anticipates new and evolving malware variants. Using a machine learning algorithm, it develops statistical models that help accurately detect and block both new and unknown malware.
  • Faster Mac Protection: Mac users will see faster scans and lower overall memory utilisation on their devices.
  • My Norton: The new updates to Norton Security Premium will also include My Norton, a next generation web portal that completely changes the way customers interact with Norton. With My Norton, customers can access their Norton subscription features, manage their account and devices and learn about new threats from any device. It offers more engagement with customers with smarter alerts and messaging, and helps customers get the most of the Norton subscription (e.g., utilising backup, parental controls, multi-device protection).
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At the same time the company has announced the latest features of Norton Mobile Security for Android, its flagship mobile solution. The App Adviser feature, which deploys proactive protection against malicious apps and other sophisticated threats on Android devices has been redesigned for ease of use. The update also includes a Report Card feature and integration with Norton Safe Search and Web Protection.

“More than ever before consumers are increasingly faced with privacy and security threats for their personal data,” said Mark Gorrie, Director, Norton Business Unit, Pacific region, Symantec. “Norton Mobile Security has been carefully designed to empower consumers to seamlessly protect their personal data from potential privacy vulnerabilities, anywhere, any time.”

Versatile applications can get to and control a steadily expanding measure of individual information and substance put away on cell phones, including photographs and recordings, wellbeing records and money related data. Today, programmers are upgrading their aptitudes and concealing malware inside applications to take individual data and benefit. Truth be told, since January 2016, Norton by Symantec has recognized 6,464,472 new bits of malware applications and 5,741,834 new bits of greyware – applications with potential security issues or nosy practices.

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The Report Card highlight gives Norton Mobile Security for Android clients a 360-degree perspective of their cell phone’s security and protection status, helping them take control of and beat potential versatile dangers and protection dangers. Inside this element, supporters can exploit the upgraded Privacy Report and see where versatile applications are sending their photographs and other individual data. It additionally offers a straightforward rundown of potential security vulnerabilities, as past unsecure Wi-Fi associations, so clients can comprehend what information may be at hazard and course right.

The arrangement’s coordination with Norton Safe Search and Web Protection shields clients from going by malware-tainted locales and pieces phishing sites shielding gadgets from destinations that can introduce ransomware, Trojans and different dangers. It likewise secures clients by showing a site’s wellbeing and shopping appraisals before a client visits the site. In the occasion a gadget is lost or stolen, Norton Mobile Security for Android additionally incorporates hostile to burglary capacities and contacts reinforcement to help clients discover their gadget and reestablish lost data.

Amy Schumer y Justin Bieber son los famosos más ‘peligrosos’ de Internet


Justin Bieber and Amy Schumer not have much in common except that both are famous but now share something else. And it is that both have been named the most ‘dangerous’ famous Internet , a curious title that many think it’s related to things that publish or generating scandals, but nothing is further from reality.

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Norton launches new Norton security solution


As indicated by Symantec’s most recent Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec found more than 430 million new remarkable bits of malware in 2015, up 36 for each penny from the prior year and in August 2016 alone, there were 45 million new malware variations, the largest amount seen since August 2015.

Norton Security utilizes progressed, multi-layered security innovation to ensure gadgets, protection and individual records, for example, music and money related data from today’s most hazardous rising dangers, including ransomware, vindictive sites, zero days and phishing assaults.

Some of the recently added protection and performance features of Norton Security include:

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How do I find my Norton product key

There are different ways to find your product key depending upon your situation. The best way is to get it from your Norton account.

In most cases, you do not need the product key to update your Norton subscription. If your Norton product is expired or shows incorrect subscription days, then you may need to download the product from your account which has the current subscription.

Download and install your Norton product

  1. Go to
  2. If you are not signed in to Norton already, you will be prompted to sign in. Type in your email address and password for Norton, and click Sign In.
  3. In the Setup window, click Download Norton.
  4. Click Agree & Download.
  5. Do one of the following depending on your browser:
    • For Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser: Click Run.
    • For Firefox or Safari: On the top-right corner of the browser, click the Download option to view the downloaded files, and click the file that you downloaded.
    • For Chrome: On the bottom-left corner, click the file that you downloaded.
  6. If the User Account Control window appears, click Continue.Follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. Your Norton product is now installed and activated.

How to find your product key

  • You can find your product key based on how you obtained your Norton product. Choose one of the following:

Norton account

  1. At the top of your Norton product window, click Help > My Norton.If you cannot start your Norton product, you can directly go to your Norton account.Log in to your account, if prompted.
  2. Under Services, select your Norton product.
  3. Copy the product key.

Norton Online Store

  • If you downloaded your product from Norton Online Store, the product key, or the instruction to obtain the product key is in your confirmation email message.

Product CD or Retailer’s card

  • If you purchased a boxed product CD online or at a local retail store, your product key is inside the box either on a sticker on the back of the CD sleeve or DVD case, or printed on a card in the box.

Third-party website

  • Look for the product key in a confirmation email you received for your order. If you cannot locate the confirmation email in your inbox, check your spam filter folder.


  • If your Norton product came installed on your computer, check your My Documents or Documents folder to see if there is a Symantec folder. You may find a text file there with your product key (examples: Norton 360 Key.txt or Norton AntiVirus Key.txt).If your product came with a one year or longer subscription, you can contact your computer manufacturer to get your product key .Some computer manufacturers may provide the product key on an activation card.

Service provider

    • You may have an Activation PIN that you can get from your service provider to activate your product or
    • You have to log in to your service provider portal to download and install your Norton product.
TechBench-Computer repair shop
  • If your Norton product is purchased from TechBench, Norton product key will be stored in your Norton account after you complete the product activation. TechBench also provides a Norton product activation card or product CD which will have your Norton product key printed on it.

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